CV / Data Collection

  • You’ll be meeting a lot of great people. Make sure you have a good system for keeping track of the CVs you collect, and clearly mark those that you want to follow-up with first, so you don’t have to go digging around when you’re ready to get in touch with them after (or during*) the event.

* Some companies are known to jump on emails throughout the event (at the bar or company chill-out area) and follow-up with their favourite job seekers there and then, which makes for a seriously slick operation.

The early-bird catches the… candidate?

Top tips:

Akkroo - a useful tool for data collection at your space (it works both on & offline)

As a purely offline method to keep track of top candidates, a basic system of adding coloured stickers onto the CV’s you collect is a handy way to help you easily pick out those who you want to follow up with first after the event (but shhh... be discrete!)