What can/can't I bring?

In the past we've allowed dogs, jugglers even a real life python! We love saying yes to quirky ideas so don’t be scared to hit us with your best ideas!

Here are your boundaries:

  • You must not build side walls to divide your space. Low dividers are allowed (under 1m in height).
  • The outline of your space will be marked with white chalk lines. For health and safety reasons and to adhere to the venue’s fire regulations, you must not place any furniture, banners or other production outside of your designated space
  • Do not bring anything flammable, that can start a fire or is heat generating (no pressurised gas containers etc.) Carpet and rugs are fine, as long as they are fire retardant and secured properly so don’t cause a trip hazard. All fabric and materials used in the construction and build must be fire retardant.
  • If you are using an external production company we ask for them to fill out a Risk Assessment and Method Statement as well as sending over their insurance documents.
  • The max height you can build without a risk assessment is 2.5 meters. Let us know if you’d like to go higher and we’ll set up a site visit for you to do your risk assessment. We’ll also require insurance documents.
  • You must leave the space as you found it. This means filling and painting over any holes that are made, removing carpet and tape from the floors and cutting all cables, wires run across the floors, walls and ceiling.
  • All rubbish must be taken with you and disposed of accordingly. We get charged for anything left at the venue so please be considerate.
  • Our health and safety trained team will be on the look out for any hazards. If they notice something on your stand is unsafe, you may be asked to remove it.