Top Tips for the most effective space

Brand signage

Include some large branded signage so you can be easily spotted by attendees. Wear branded T-shirts, clearly labelling who is there from your team.

Advertising your job vacancies

Make sure your job vacancies are very clearly signposted at your stand, and be sure to mention seniority and tech stacks - this is vital to helping you reach the most relevant candidates in the room.

A chalk board or white board is an easy and cheap form of signage, and it means you can quickly switch it up if things change last minute. 

Be creative

Make a splash. Unleash your creativity - we’ve seen everything from garden sheds, to rockets, to real-life pythons, to robots, to people dressed as chickens at company stands over the years. Whether you decide to go minimalist or whacky, it’s up to you.

Check out this time lapse of Red Badger building their space at SMR8...

Demo your product

Let candidates know what it is that you do, and let them have a go!

Quick win (low cost)

Recreate your office space at your stand to help give candidates a feel of your office vibe.

Furnish your space

Include some furniture at your stand - make it comfy and approachable, so candidates can feel relaxed while you chat with them.


Who doesn’t love a freebie! You’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression by giving away free swag - anything from branded USB sticks and speakers, to sweets, cupcakes & doughnuts.