How do I create my profile?

Adding your company information

  • Click on ‘Edit your profile’ to start adding your company’s details

  • Completing the required fields marked with * will allow your profile to go live onto the SMR website.

- Company Name

- Tagline - Web Logo (PNG format only)

- Print Logo (EPS or AI formats only)

- Recruitment Contact

  • Complete the other key details: Office location | Tech stack | Team size | Website URL | Team size
  • Hit ‘Save changes’ at the bottom of the page to push your profile live onto the SMR Companies page (please note: it can take up to 2 hours for your profile to appear)


Uploading your job vacancies

Now it’s time to post your job vacancies - click on ‘Add job vacancies to your profile’ and then click ‘Add a new vacancy’ to get uploading.

  • Choose the Role from the dropdown menu
  • Add a Job Title
  • Pick an Experience Level
  • Add the number of available vacancies for that role
  • Add Skill Tags to each job so candidates can filter the Companies page and find the roles that suit them
  • You can link each job vacancy back to your jobs page or job description, so candidates can get the full scoop
  • Optional: Salary and Equity details

Shortly after you’ve hit ‘Save vacancy’, that will go live on your online profile and we will begin using that information to target the right people for you.